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Are We That Desperate For Friends?

Posted by Andrew at 6:25 PM on December 8, 2009

Time and time again I’m totally amazed at how much personal information people will hand-out to complete and utter strangers.  A study by Sophos showed that on Facebook around 45% of people will accept invites from totally unknown people with rubber ducks as their profile pictures.

And what stuns me is that a whopping 89% of twenty-somethings willingly handed over their full date of birth.  The 50-somethings wern’t much better at 57%.

Hello?  Anyone got a clue?  Complete stranger asking for your DoB?  Are you really that desperate for friends?

So, if you’re a savvy geek, make sure that your friends, relatives, children get a clue.

- Only accept invites from people you know

- Don’t hand out personal info.

- Understand how the privacy controls on the social networking site work

- And just because the site wants to know something, you don’t have to fill it in or even tell the truth!