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It’s Patch Tuesday, Are You Stuck?

Posted by susabelle at 8:09 AM on October 14, 2009

Windows Update

Windows Update

It’s Patch Tuesday, which means my poor laptop is getting slammed with a major update for Windows Vista. It has been sitting and installing “component 15 of 16″ for more than two hours. I’m tempted to halt it and let it start over. And of course, I had an update yesterday morning at 6 a.m. as well. And at least one over the weekend and one last week.

There are actually 34 patches being deployed to users of Windows XP, Vista, and 7 today. That is a record amount of patches for Microsoft to push, and some of the patches are considered “critical.” None of the patches being offered for Windows 7 are considered critical, which may mean that the Windows 7 operating system is coming out of the box in better shape than previous versions.

And I don’t mind getting patches if they are important. But it would be really great if these patches could be taken care of without having to tie up a machine for several hours. Especially since it’s my only working machine this morning while both of my desktops await warranty repairs from Dell.