One of the best Twitter applications for the Iphones is a called SimplyTweet. It cost  about $5.00 and is available through the Itunes store. When you first look at SimplyTweet it looks like every other Twitter applications. Take you finger and swipe across a message. Three icons appear on the screen. If you touch the first icon a message screen comes up with the @to the original twitter. If you click on the second icon it will allow you to mark multiple persons and @ to them all. This is great if you are participating in a twitter chat or a conversation. The finally icon shows any conversation that is available. If the tweet has a link and you click it will open up in Webview. Click on the plus icon at the bottom you are given a couple of choices you can email the link, post the link or click on read later. The first time you click on read later it will ask you to log in or register with Instapaper. Instapaper is a free application and can be used online or through the iphone. Instapaper is a great application on its own, because it allows you to create folders and keep things organized. If you click on the friend icon at the bottom it will bring you back to the home screen every time.

If you click on a person icon a screen pops up showing their following and follower number. It will also tell you if they are following you. You can also see their most recent tweets. If you click on the either follower or following link, you can see who they follow or who is following them. At the bottom of the screen you check any conversation you are having with the that person by clicking on the first icon. If you click on the second icon you can see any recent tweets that have been directed toward that person. If you click on the star you can see tweets that person has favored.

Back on the home screen at the bottom you have five icons. You can change which icons are done there by clicking on the more icon, then click on the edit button and add or subtract the icons how you want them. One of the icons that is available is the photo, using this icon you can find any picture of an item that has been twittered. Back on the more page, you can check your direct messages and the messages that mention you. You can also see the latest trends on twitter. Switch to a different account. View the public stream. Check any notes you have taken. You can also check any account you have blocked.

When you are ready to send a tweet, click on the icon at the top right corner of the screen. As you write a message, the number of characters available will drop. The hashtag is right there and available at anytime. If you want to send a picture click on the camera icon. You can take a picture or choose a picture from your album. Have a link thats too long click on the symbol at the bottom left of the screen and you can shorten the url, shorten the text,or add your location. I am sure there are things I am missing, but this give you an idea what is available within SimplyTweet. The only thing that I can see that is missing is in Simply Tweet is the ability to create groups. It is well worth the $5.00 I spent and I wish I had discovered it sooner.