A new Podcast Portal!

rss_feedOver the past several months my team at RawVoice has been working with a thought leader in the Travel New Media space.  Yesterday we launched a new vertical podcast portal called the Travel Cast Network.

What my team learned very early on, is that there is significant value in vertical new media sites, so long as you have a category leader to run it. So when you get a chance head over to TravelCastNetwork.com and check out what Chris Christensen host of the world famous Amateur Travel Podcast has in store for you.

What you will find is the very best travel information. In the coming weeks as Chris ramps up content on the site I think you will find the best travel podcasts.

Our team is seeking more thought leaders in the podcasting space, to partner with and launch more vertical websites. We have the technology and know how to get your site profitable in a very short period of time.