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The growth in popularity of Twitter, has led to equal growth in Twitter related applications. There are applications for every aspect of Twitter and how people are using it. The problem is trying to find the one you need. Y ou can of course use Google search. The problem with using search though is first you need to know exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t you will be inundated with useless information. The second is once you find an application, how do you know if its any good. You could twitter your friends, but that doesn’t always get you the best results. There is a website being developed to deal with this problem, it is called Oneforty. Right now it is still in beta, I was lucky enough to get an invite and I like what I see.

When you first login you are at the Home page. You can either explore the twitter universe based on popularity, newest apps or by category. . Once you find an application you think you might be interested in. You can click on it, which will take you to a page that gives more details on the product. Shows how the product has been rated and any reviews. If you like someone’s review you can click on their name and go to their profile. On the profile page, you can see what applications the person uses, their twitter user name and their website. You can rate the product yourself and add a review. If you decide that you like the product, you can download it directly from the page.

Over all I like this website. there are a couple things that I worry about or would like to see. I would like there too be a way to see how many reviews a person has written and access those directly from any application they have reviewed. It would be nice if at sometime a reviewer could be rated also. That way you could know who wrote good reviews or not. Let’s face it someone who writes a few good reviews with details, is more useful then someone who writes a lot of reviews that say something like this app is cool or this apps sucks. These types of reviews don’t tell you anything, why is it cool or why does it suck is my next question. As far as problems. the biggest fear I have is that people will try to game the system, by rating an application multiple times, therefore falsely inflating its popularity. I am assuming this is something the creators of the site have thought of and are ready to deal with. I also question how the site creators will make money on the site. I wondering if it will be through advertisement or some other means, hopefully they are not creating it with the hopes someone bigger will purchase it. Despite some reservations, I think this is a good project and plan to use it in the future.