Paying Too Much for your Cell Service?

cubEvery month when I pay the family’s cell phone bill, I cringe.  Then I wonder, am I getting the best deal?

There’s a great way to find out.  The Citizens Utility Board, an Illinois agency, has a great little tool to check major cell services you may be using, including ATT, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.  It compares your existing plan to those available with other providers, and will tell you if you are getting the best deal on your service.

The site says it only works on residential plans, but I ran our “business” plan through it and got results.  Turns out that my ATT plan is the best available compared to other plans at the moment, but I check back at the site fairly often to see if there’s a better deal.   They do ask for some personal information so their bot can go out and look at your old bills online, but the information is not stored after your search so there is no risk of your account being changed or anyone getting that personal information and using it illicitly.

As we are all being nickeled-and-dimed to death with our service plans on cell and home phones, cable and satellite, and data plans on our laptops, knowing if you are getting the best deal is important.

One thought on “Paying Too Much for your Cell Service?

  1. I pay 29 bucks a month for a Verizon phone only service. I only get 200 minutes a month but that is usually enough. I have to use Verizon because they do have superior coverage near me. At&t, Sprint T-Mobile ect. are all 25 minute drive to get service if I’m headed east, Verizon works a mile from my home, but if I go over it gets real expensive quick.

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