Nomee Review

I downloaded an application awhile ago called Nomee.  I used it for a short time. I didn’t see a use for it so I  forgot about it. Then earlier this week I saw a video by Chris Pirillo talking about Nomee. I said I have that application, maybe I should  give it another try. I know that sometimes I have to look an application a second time before I get it.

Nomee is an Adobe Air application which allows you to view a person’s social stream in one application. It can be downloaded at Nomee. You then create a card and add your various social sites to the card. You can add everything from Digg to Friendfeed to Twitter plus many more. There are over 100 sites you can add to your card.   Now, when someone adds you to their deck, as you do an update on one of your social media sites  a number appears next to your icon. If they want to see the update they have to click on you picture, then on your social stream. I admit when I first saw this, I thought this is going to get annoying really quickly if I have to click on each person icon every time I wanted to see their update. Nomee has thought of this though, they allow you to form groups and then you can see the groups update by clicking on its number.    Once you are looking in a stream and you see and interesting post, if you click on the post it will take you directly to the relevant  site.  


There are a couple of problems that I see with Nomee. The first not a lot of people are using Nomee, which makes it a very lonely place. unless you are using it to follow newsmakers.  Nomee has added newsmaker  cards to get you started, until you get your friends to join.   The other thing I have noticed is that Nomee has the habit like a lot of Adobe Air Applications of using up a lot memory and freezes up constantly. Hopefully this is something that can be taken care of  over time.  The there is the question of how they are going to survive finacially.   The application itself is free, so I assume adveritising is used as their financial model.   I will admit I am not sure if I will continue to use Nomee, if I want to follow someone life stream I prefer to use Friendfeed or Streamy for me they are more intuitive and more of my friends are on them.   However I can see how Nomee, would be useful for some people, especially if they are part of a small group.  I will continue to take a look at it every once in awhile to see if more people have joined.  

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