Sony EVI D-100 / D-70 Comparison

evid-d100I recently ordered two Sony cameras the EVI D-100 and the EVI D-70  largely because the documentation and online reviews where all very generic and I was having a hard time deciding which one of these PTZ (Point/Tilt/Zoom) cameras would be best. Customer reviews I found did not help either, so I hope to shed some basic comparisons on both of these cameras.

evid-d70The EVI D-100 is very quiet as compared to the EVI D-70 it has to do with the fact that the D-70 is made so you can hang it from the ceiling upside down. My utilization of is from a high vantage point in the corner of my small studio and the difference is huge!

The D-70 has a significantly greater azimuth coverage, I find the D-100 Azimuth coverage is fine for the application I am using it for but should be a consideration factor. The advantage the D-100 has though is that you can more precisely point the camera with the included remote control. If the D-70 had finer azimuth control it would be a huge improvement especially when you are trying to frame a shot.

I use these two cameras for webcast while the video quality is pretty good they would be perfect if they had just a little better white balance when the D-70 / D-100 is not zoomed into anything the picture can get washed out a bit. The picture greatly improves even on minimally zoomed objects. Using the cameras in a low light situation is not the best. The D-70 is supposed to have a higher LUX factor but as I was testing I did not see much of a difference.

Overall I think the D-100 is slightly a better camera but it’s so close your decision is likely going to come down to mounting as the D-70 can be mounted upside down and comes with a kit to do that.