WordPress Theme Link Scam Site!

Tonight I was working on a website I have not touched in years. I decided to install WordPress on it and went looking for a new theme. Being the Theme directory at WordPress is  useless in actually finding a topical theme I went to Search Google for WordPress Themes to see what other sites are out there.

I found a website with really nice themes that were free. Normally I have paid for each of my themes but I found a great one on the website. I downloaded it, and installed it in taking a close look at the page at the very bottom of the page I was shocked to see three linked url’s led to sites that I would never link to ever!. Here is what it looked like at the bottom of the browser window, believe me you do not want this on your website.


Loading the theme editor and looking at the code in the Footer I found that the author had encrypted php at the bottom of the page. Needless to say alarm bells went off big time and I deleted the theme from the site.

Do not and I repeat do not download WordPress themes from wordpressthemesbase.com they are running a link farm scam in all of the themes I downloaded that will cause you a lot of harm when Google indexes your page.

You may get a free Theme but you will be pretty disappointed when your page rank goes to zero!