Conspiracy on US Chief Information Officer

This morning John C. Dvorak published an article essentially accusing the US Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra of being a Phony! Generally when Dvorak publishes something as accusatory as this then where there is smoke will soon follow fire. Almost immediately Om Malik semi-refuted some of the educational concerns in Dvoark’s article but there is much more to this story than academic qualifications.

What I find the most disturbing is that for all purposes it appears at face value that the US CIO obtained the position through more political favor than technical knowledge. After all he was the CEO of some sort of a tech company that earned an amazing 67k.

I am sure managing a 67k budget with his last company qualifies him to distribute billions in stimulus money after all it’s only a difference of a few zeros. Our government at work folks.


  1. Jay says

    Additionally he was heading a unit in DC with tons of fraud. There was an FBI raid on his office right before he was appointed. I guess it was a good time to leave….