Geek News Central Podcast Consumption Report

I was shocked tonight when I was looking at some of my podcast consumption data. While the below screen shot is only a small part of our podcast statistic service I am seeing some amazing trends in just how people are downloading and consuming my show.

How my listeners are downloading and listening to my show is a radical change from just one year ago! I will let you digest it yourself, but the most remarkable thing I am seeing in this report is how blackberry downloads has exploded onto the charts who would have thought.

Note: The following data was a snapshot of Geek News Central Podcast consumption for July 2009 percentages are accurate within 0.25% and are compiled with the free Podcast Statistics my company makes available to podcasters worldwide.




  1. says

    That’s really strange. I can’t can’t get my Blackberry to listen to podcasts in the browser. I will have to figure out how that is done!


  2. says

    I’ve always wondered who the people are that are accessing podcasts on mobile devices. Maybe it’s links through emails they receive?

  3. Chris says

    Okay, so why isn’t Linux listed under its own label? I’m sure you have listeners using Linux, so I’m sure they’re counted as Others under Platforms. Not trying to rant, but why not show this growing platform some respect when we analyze log data? Is it because the logs show so many different distros, maybe?