DYMO LableWriter 450 Twin Turbo Review

DYMO 450 Twin TurboOver the past 2-3 years I have reviewed other DYMO printers, and when the latest model showed up at my door the question in my mind is what’s different.

Like every product we review here, we really test it. For over a week the review unit has sat in place of my older DYMO Printer, the first thing I noticed is that it is much faster. Having a variety of labels here for the DYMO, I played around with various Label sizes to see if they had improved the feed mechanism. One of the challenges I have had in the past was switching out the label spools. They did not disappoint because it took less than 30 seconds to switch out a spool. The printer is thermal so it never needs ink which keeps the cost of ownership down.

The best part is that this unit had a dual print head. Perfect for having postage labels in one bin, and regular address labels in the other. One thing that my wife likes is that she can print address labels for boxes she is shipping to her family in Japan. One thing I noticed is that the software has been updated and it validates addresses for you as well. The unit handled all of the International label printing as well.

Overall very impressed, I did not think a product line like this could get better but the folks at DYMO did not disappoint. The DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo is faster then ever, and it is a product line that I use here at GNC. Check out the full line of DYMO Printers at Dymo.com

Disclosure: Review unit was provided to Geek News Central by DYMO for Review purposes. Companies are never guaranteed a positive review. All products reviewed at Geek News Central are put through a minimum of 3 days of real world usage. The above unit was used in a standard home office for over a week, views expressed by Todd @ Geek News Central are based on real experiences with the products we review.

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  1. I picked up a LabelWriter 400 Turbo (single-head) at a garage sale about a year ago for $15 and it’s FANTASTIC. Easy to use. No ribbons to buy. Labels aren’t terribly expensive. I wouldn’t trade it for anything (except, maybe a 450 twin turbo).

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