AT&T EPIC Fail in Hawaii

Up until several weeks ago I was a 12 year loyal T-Mobile customer. Never a service interruption never a issue not one and the best part the plan were reasonable.

Since i picked up my iPhone 3GS a couple of weeks ago and made the switch I get disconnected at least 8 times on a typical route I drive that I never got disconnected from T-Mobile ever. Top that off this afternoon the whole AT&T wireless system here in Hawaii has failed. The signal strength, when it is working is the worst of any carrier, just ask anyone in Hawaii on another carrier how many bars they have and they always have more than AT&T!

I love the iPhone I hate AT&T EPIC Failure to allow an entire Wireless system go down par for the course for these clowns. I bet to many tourist showed up with iPhones and just like SXSW the system crumbled.

Apple, Yes Apple better fix this situation and fast because ultimately it’s their fault and no one else for partnering with AT&T I am simply blown away that in this day and age when the sun is shinning something like this can happen. Yes sure during a typhoon or hurricane they can catch a break but not when the sun is shining.