Apple Needs to Grow Up

appleApple has done its best to thwart the running of iTunes syncing on the Palm Pre this morning.  There will likely be a workaround within a few days, but in the long run, what the heck is Apple thinking?

We can’t use iTunes syncing unless it is on an Apple device?  What kind of logic is that?  Those of us using the FREE iTunes software on our computers (that may or may not be Macs, mine isn’t) use it for a reason.  We may buy music through iTunes, schedule podcast downloading, and use it to keep our (sometimes) extensive music libraries in one place.  I currently sync my iTunes purchases and downloads through a Dell computer.  I also have a Sony Ericcson Walman phone, and I’d love to be able to sync a few things there, as well, but that’s not possible because Apple locks it out.  I happen to have a high-end iPod that I sync everything to, but not everyone can afford that, or may have other reasons for using different smart phones/devices for their syncing. I know many companies that provide Blackberries or Palm services to their employees, who should then be able to take advantage of the availability of syncing with products they are already using, like iTunes.

What is it to Apple whether or not the person syncing their iTunes library to a device is using an iPod or another branded electronic device?  I realize they would prefer that everyone own an iPod, Touch, or iPhone.  It’s the same as Kelloggs wishing we all ate Special K for breakfast instead of Cheerios or a store brand of Lucky Charms.  But in the big picture, is it really worth Apple’s reputation  to be so heavy-handed about denying use of their products with anything but their own proprietary brand of portable player?  I know it certainly does not endear me to Apple, or their products, and leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

Many of these walled garden attitudes need to go the way of the dinosaur, in my opinion.