Posterous the Perfect Compliment to Life Streaming.

You have something to say, its going to take more then 140 characters, however its not really long enough for a full blog post. So what is the answer. The answer maybe Posterous. To post something to Posterous you just email the item to and that’s it.  Posterous accepts, text, photos, videos. Its a perfect compliment to the Iphone or any smart phone.     Take a picture or video and email it to Posterous and its on the net within seconds   It also provides a bookmarklet so if you see something on the web you want to post, you just click the bookmarklet and it is sent to Posterous. 

If you take picture and send it to Posterous they will automatically resize it for the web. Also if you email multiple pictures Posterous will organize them into a photo gallery. If you email a video clip, Posterous will transcode it into flash, so it can be played on of the web. Posterous also has the ability to handle each url differently depending on the subject of the url. For example if you post a link to a Youtube video, Posterous will take that link and embed the Youtube video right in your post. It also works with Hulu, Vimeo, Viddler,…and more. According to the FAQ you get 1 gb of space, if you need more you have to request it. It is a free service, but it does appear they are developing a pro version also although no details have been disclosed.  You can set up Posterous to forward the item to various sites including Flickr, Friendfeed, Youtube or even your personal blog.

I have been using the product for about a week and I love it. It is so easy and convenient  to use. It appears I am not the only one, that likes Posterous  Leo Laporte is using it to send pictures, videos and audio clips to the web while he is in China.   IJustine has an account as does Guy Kawasaki. It is a perfect compliment to the latest trend on the Internet called Life Streaming.   If you want to look at what I have posted to my account you can go to Kim’s Posterous.    Give it a try it is free and you may find you like it.  

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