Mac = Meh

I decided to jump on the bandwagon in May and purchased an iMac as a replacement for one of my PCs.  While I was not expecting an epiphany I must say I am a little underwhelmed by the experience.  Apart from the small differences in mouse use and where to look for menus I have really not found it any different from a windows PC, and definitely quite similar in feel to my KDE desktop.  I guess I expected to be more impressed with my experience.

Image courtesy of Apple
Image courtesy of Apple

So far the Mac has been justifying the main reason I purchased it admirably so far.  The PC it replaced was the family one and even with anti-virus software I was still finding myself cleaning out some sort of trojan or malware every few months.  After 3 months I have had to do zero maintenance on the Mac, so in that regard I am pleased.

Most of the actual issues I have with the platform probably relate more to my experience level than any inherent problem, for instance OpenOffice is still not running as well as I would like.  I am also not that impressed with Safari even though v4 is a definite improvement (I see a Firefox install in the near future).

What I do really like is the quality of the design.  The only cable involved is power and it looks good enough that I am considering moving it out into the family area.  The one bundled app I have fallen in love with though is iPhoto, especially the face recognition feature.  I haven’t found the photo editing any better though.

While I am not dissapointed in the Mac, it has not impressed me enough to change my main system from a Windows/Linux machine.  If any of the experienced Mac hands out there have any suggestions on how to improve the taste of the kool-aid please send them in.  As long as the box stays trojan free it will remain appreciated.

One thought on “Mac = Meh

  1. The whole key to enjoying your Mac experience is the software developed for the Mac. It’s the most unique, functional and attractive software I’ve ever experienced on ANY platform.

    I’ve spent over 4 years podcasting on freeware for the Mac and we’ve reviewed thousands of shareware and commercial apps for the Mac. They just are the best and the reason why using a Mac is a special experience.

    Hardware design is nice, by far the best looking hardware is the Mac, but the reason why Mac fanatics are Mac fanatics is the software as much as anything else. The lack of malware, spyware, trojans, viruses and basic Windows evil is nice, but soon you’ll see that you just expect your Mac to function properly, that’s the way it should be.

    Spend some time reading websites on Mac software and ask opinions of MacHeads you know as to what software they recommend for specific needs you have. You’ll enjoy the journey. Have fun and don’t be afraid to ask me if you need some software advice.

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