Save Your Digital Life Online

I know, there’s a half-dozen or so products and/or websites out there that allow you to store your media online.  But I am always looking for new toys, and I found a widget!  I love widgets!

quanpRicoh has launched (pronounced kwan-puh), which gives you three ways to send your files off to be saved in the ether.  You can use their desktop application (Windows only), their web interface, or a widget on your desktop.  It provides drag and drop functionality, and accounts are currently free.  Quanp is being offered in beta in the U.S. at the current time, although it’s been available in Japan as a free service with a paid upgraded version for the last three months.  No word on if the U.S. version will offer an upgraded version for pay, but I”m sure that will be coming.

The Windows interface is really rather nifty (sorry, Mac guys, there’s no Mac version) with an snappy GUI and visuals that make sense to my very visually-oriented brain.  The web interface was nothing special.  The widget, which looks sort of like a little drain, is functional as well as being amusing to watch when you drag a file over and drop it.  Did I mention I love widgets?

Once you’ve set it up, you can also add sharing functionality so others may access the information.  This is handy for those that like to share, although when it comes to pictures, I’m mostly doing that through Flickr.  But I can easily share MP3’s (uh-oh, that might get me in trouble!) and word processing files.  I actually do share word processing files a good bit anyway with my writing critique groups, and if the interface can be fun, that makes it all that much better.