GNC Podcast Canceled today due to Power Outage!

Well folks I am sitting here in a Hilton Garden Inn (that has crappy bandwidth) and the Power is out for the whole building. The rest of the city has it’s lights on so I have no idea what the deal is. Laptop battery is down to 20% and Sprint EVDO is keeping me online.  I  have been sitting here in the dark for a hour waiting for the lights to come back on. Great excuse to not do a show.. I wonder if I am going to get a credit applied to my bill. This is probably just as well as I have had a horrible travel day..

Lots to talk about and had some winners to announce tonight as well.

On a side note, I am traveling with a bowered Verizon EVDO card again and all I can say is that Verizon wireless EVDO network sucks beyond bad. I cannot imagine why anyone would pay for this service. Would love to talk to a Verizon Wireless rep about there crappy bandwidth.. Tonights test Sprint EVDO 5 Bars 1.62mbps down and 500kbps up, Verizon Wirelless 3 Bars 220kbps down and 30kbps up.

See you on Friday!


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    Weird, everything I have heard is that Verizon’s EVDO is better than Sprint’s. I guess it depends where you are at.

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    Todd, I have a Verizon EVO card that I travel with all over the country for work and it sucks too! I am getting speeds at about 14.4 modem. What the H*** ?

    I have a Sprint EVO card for my personal use and it runs circles around the Verizon card!!!