Intrusive Behavior in Software

yahooA couple of days ago, I received some pushed upgrades here at work that caused a few things not to work, among them, Yahoo Instant Messenger.  I use Messenger a lot, not only to communicate with my children and husband during the day (they are home and there are the inevitable “Mom, have you seen my soccer cleats/socks/glasses/notebook/library book” questions on a near-daily basis), but to communicate directly with two developers and one trainer that are working on a project with me.  Having YIM fail to load is not acceptable, so I did the first thing that made sense:  downloaded and installed the upgrade to YIM.  So now it loads and logs in and works, albeit with a much bigger screen footprint than it had before (one of the reasons I’d not upgraded previously).

However, even though I un-clicked the check-box asking me if I wanted to install the Yahoo Toolbar and set Yahoo as my home page, I am getting daily reminders from Yahoo, every time I open Firefox, asking me if it can turn on Yahoo Toolbar and set Yahoo as my home page.  I checked installed programs, and removed the Yahoo toolbar that it installed without my permission, and when I got the popup box in Firefox asking me if I wanted to turn on the toolbar and reset the home page, I checked NO and also marked the box that says “don’t ask this again.”   Yet, this morning I booted up, logged in, and guess what?  Yup, the little box comes up asking me if I want to turn on the Yahoo toolbar and blah blah blah.  And this is in addition to the daily popup I get when opening Firefox asking me to “update extensions” and the only one on the list is the Yahoo Toolbar, even though I do not have it installed on this machine.

Then there’s the ongoing thing with iTunes.  Every time I turn it on, or just randomly when it is running, it asks me if I want to install Safari and the “Mobile” something-0r-other.  I always say no, but it just keeps asking me, over and over and over.

This type of pushy, intrusive behavior on the part of the software is just flat-out annoying.  No means no.  Once I say no, that should be it, and I should never be asked again.  I’m still looking for a fix for the Yahoo toolbar/Yahoo home page thing that has only been occurring since I upgraded YIM on Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll find one.  I don’t believe there is any kind of fix for the iTunes issue.  If anyone knows of a fix for either of these (and no, I’m not giving up YIM or Firefox, sorry), I’d love to hear about it.  Feel free to leave me a comment!

One thought on “Intrusive Behavior in Software

  1. My fix for itunes was to go with zunes and the zune software. I *love* how if you open a .mov file with quicktime, it automatically puts quicktime and the quicktime updater back in your startup, even though you’ve previously removed them.
    …and lets not forget about Adobe and their never ending quest to load a hundred things in your startup, install fifteen toolbars, and eat up all your system resources.

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