Use your Mac as Mac

Just because a Mac can run Windows doesn’t mean you should.  Yes I know that many tests revealed that the fastest PC on the market was a Mac running Windows on Boot Camp. I know that the virtualization software has made incredible progress.  If I buy a Mac it should be so that I can use the OS for what it is.  So why this blatant opinion piece?  Well, as a mac fan, I hear many complaints.

mac-os-x-v1056-leopard-apple-store-us “My Mac slows down and doesn’t run that fast.” Uh, well are you running OS X and Windows at the same time with several applications in each?  OS X does phenomenal at managing memory.  I often am running 10 applications at the same time and have no idea.  However, think about what you are doing in when running Windows at the same time.  You are running OS X, virtualization software, and monster Windows.  Windows Vista is so bloated that it barely runs itself without lots of ram.  Really, OS X does incredibly well at running both at the same time with all things considered.  If you insist on running Windows applications on a Mac and need super performance, then at least run Windows in boot camp and not virtualization.

“There are not as many applications out for the Mac so I need to use Windows.” That is so 90’s.  The Mac developer community is growing much faster than the Windows world in percentage.  I have yet to receive this complaint where I could not respond with multiple, great options of software on a Mac (and cheaper I might add).  If I must admit some ignorance, it would be in the world of enterprise.

The goal of this article is not intended to be a Mac vs. PC article, just a bit of balance on the issue of running Windows on a Mac.   If you love Windows then buy a PC and run Windows.  If you need to run both then a Mac is your only option.  Run Windows in Boot Camp or expect a slight performance ding in virtualization.  As a Mac man I stand by my title and opening statements.  Just because a Mac can run Windows doesn’t mean you should.  Use your Mac as a Mac.  It’s where I am happiest.