I Had a Dell Recall Battery? An Ubuntu 9.04 Feature Told Me So.

This might be another good reason to install Ubuntu 9.04:

Information from Ubuntu that My Battery is under recall

Information from Ubuntu that My Battery is under recall

I looked at the battery, then called up the Dell recall list. Sure enough – that battery was listed. Interestingly enough, I’ve had this D600 for a while now and there has been no problems up until a week ago when the battery wouldn’t take a charge. Since I usually have this machine plugged in, I never thought twice about it.

The Ubuntu 9.04 was pretty easy to install on the Dell. I still need to fix the wireless, however all other items seem to function normally.

I will get the battery in the mail soon, along with that DVD+-RW Lightscribe and extra memory I just ordered for it. RAWK!


  1. says

    I asked around. It’s apparently been a standard part of GNOME Power Manager for the last three years!

    The battery lists are kept under /usr/share/hal.

    Here’s the blog post where the guy started the implementation.

    So tell all your friends: Linux kicks everything else’s arse in customer service!

  2. Neo says

    You can thank Red Hat for working on this. Richard Hughes who maintains gnome-power-manager works for Red Hat.