Bury Me on the Green Side

Not specifically tech-related, but since I’m a closet hippy and love to report on all things green…well, I couldn’t not post it.  Besides, maybe this will reduce my ultimate carbon footprint.  As a techie, I know my carbon footprint is the size of an SUV at this point.

A movement toward “green” burials has begun to hit cemeteries nation-wide.  A green burial typically means you are not embalmed, you are placed in a bio-degradable box, and placed in a grave with no concrete lining.  You are allowed to naturally decompose, your remains nourshing the ground around you.  Gives true meaning to the phrase “pushing daisies.”

Different cemeteries handle the details differently.  Some allow headstones and more traditional displays of modern burial.  Others completely eschew the modern, allowing only natural stone for a headstone, and no plastic flowers or other non-bio-degradable displays on gravetops.  Some cemeteries go even further and allow no headstone at all, and wildflowers and prairie are allowed to return to the area of the “green” graves, ultimately obliterating any reminder of your presence as skin and bones and instead nourishing flora and fauna alike.  It doesn’t get more green than that.

The nearest cemetery to me that does green burials is in Lawrence, Kansas, about five hours away.  Maybe by the time I kick the bucket, there will be something a little closer by.  Heck, by then, green burials may be the norm, instead of the fringe.  You never know!

3 thoughts on “Bury Me on the Green Side

  1. Very interesting Susabelle! Move to North Dakota most small towns will let you be buried in your back yard I think :)

  2. Congratulations on your decision to be buried green! Just an FYI, do a little research on cremation and you will see it didn’t really gain popularity until the 1960’s when the catholic church softened it’s views on cremation. So, if you live another 30 years, green burial should be the norm!

    Here’s a tech-related fact that should make you happy: green burials have increased the use of GPS markers to locate graves where headstones are not used. I’m sure someday soon one of you “geeks” will invent some affordable device or micro chip used specifically for the business.

    “Geeks” are already transforming the funeral industry by providing virtual funerals and online perpetual memorials. Death is a part of life… and there’s a little geek in all of us!

  3. I’d prefer to have my remains used in some productive way, for scientific training or research, or as a model skeleton if that’s not feasible. Remember, reuse before you recycle!

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