Google Docs + OffiSync = Micrsoft Office?

It was bound to happen; Google Docs, still struggling in somewhat of a this-is-cool-but-I’m-not-sure-I-will-use-it sort of anonymity, may just have found a way to the surface.  One of the big problems with Google Docs is that it is not compatible with too many things, and as much as many of us tout open source and cloud availability, it is going to be a problem when our clients and associates are using Microsoft Word and we are using Google Docs.

A new plugin for MSOffice, OffiSync, can take your Google Docs out of the cloud and back to Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.  There have been solutions in the past, but they were often cumbersome, and usually synced folders but not individual files.  There are some neat features that OffiSync installs as well, that make office better, including a Google search right on the toolbar.  Real-time collaboration is still forthcoming, but in development.

OffiSync has been released in private beta, and you can request your copy from their home page.

2 thoughts on “Google Docs + OffiSync = Micrsoft Office?

  1. Very very cool. I love MS Office Live [1] because of its seamless integration with Office 2007 Suite. Now Offisync provides same integration with Google Docs. A dream come true.

    My only concerns are about how Offisync handles my credentials during the authentication phase. Is the authentication channel secure?

    Has anyone performed security assessment of Offisync? If so, I would love to hear from them. Thanks!


  2. As an Office user, I think this is great. Microsoft (and others) offer similar free and paid services that integrate nicely with MS Office (but use other back ends other than Google docs). The more the merrier.

    I think this is another validation that Microsoft’s strategy of Software + Services rather than just cloud services alone is right on the money. Some solutions are best as just a service, some are best as just software, but MOST are best as an integrated form of both.

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