Google Adsense Sucks

2009-adsenseA couple of years ago I was making good money each month with Google Adsense, enough so that it made sense to keep the codes running on the website. Then suddenly the revenue dropped, and it no longer made sense to have the Google ads running on the website.

Traffic to the website was climbing month to month, the content was largely the same yet I had no explanation for why the ads were no longer making money. So I pulled the banners.

Upon the launch of the new site design I decided to try Google Adsense again on a test run to see how it went. All I can say is that you don’t see the banners anymore for good reason, as earnings on Google Adsense was ridiculously low.

I am wondering if other bloggers are seeing the same drop in ad dollars running Google Adsense. I have been hounded by some ad networks to run contextual ads within the content but I really hate those types of ads.

Thankfully my podcast sponsors help keep the lights on, and allow me to hire bloggers that contribute here on Geek News Central. Google on the other hand was not even good enough for a cup of starbucks coffee.