Adobe: We’re Fixing Reader

At least Adobe has apparently responded.  They are working on a patch for all versions of Adobe Acrobat and Reader, for Unix, Mac, and PC.  It should be released in the next month, and should close up the now-well-known security hole.  In the meantime, Adobe is suggesting disabling javascripting in both programs, which can be done through Preferences, under Edit.

After F-Secure released the sternest warning yet on Adobe (“stop using Adobe”), it is encouraging to see that Adobe is working diligently on a fix for this particular vulnerability, and including other vulnerabilities that it has since discovered.

The real trick, I think, is getting the public to buy into the fact that Adobe Reader needs regular updates, and Adobe needs to be sure the updates don’t take long long minutes to download and install, and that they are not interrupting other operations on a computer while they are doing it.  I often reject updates because they come up just as I’m opening  a document, which is all well and good, but then ties up my computer for the next five to eight minutes (or more) doing a download and install.  A cumbersome update is going to be ignored virtually every time.

One thought on “Adobe: We’re Fixing Reader

  1. Now if only they could fix it so the acrobat plugin doesn’t intermittently hang and kill firefox! I’ve taken to downloadeding rather than loading in the browser so I don’t have to reload all 20 odd tabs I typically have open at once.

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