The Transition to WordPress Update

I wanted to update everyone just a few days into the transition from Movable Type to WordPress.

  1. The web based editor has been the hardest to get used to. I like some of the things it does but I absolutley hate that it will not single line space in visual mode. I have to switch it to HTML mode to get the editor to behave correctly.
  2. Commenting is way up. The piece of crap commenting authentication system MovableType has is simply horrible.
  3. Website traffic is noticeably up.  Based on what we are seeing from Google the page updates have taken and this has resulted in better indexing thus traffic is up 25%
  4. I am still having challenges in external editors getting the tags to work correctly when posting externally. If someone has the secret sauce setting to Blogjet let me know.

So I guess you can say thus far I am a happy camper.  I am watching to see if we get a bounce in pagerank for cleaning up the duplicate content that was on the old site, only time will tell there but if we get a bounce then I will be pretty pumped.