GNC-2009-03-17 #460 Sorry Host with Bad Cold Tonight

Someone on that flight home from Japan had a cold and hooked me up. But the show must go on. Apologies in advance. Lots of Podcaster Meetups in a city near you over the next month listen to for your area!

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Show Notes:
iPhone 3.0
Seattle Paper Shifts Online Only
Web After RIP
Blog Editor Reviews
Netflix Streaming Caps?
Lenovo Leaks Pocket Notebook
Dell Adamo
Twitter Tips
Galactic Doom in a Million Years
Safari and Chrome Lacking Vision Impaired Usability?
AT&T Blows it at SXSW
Mosquito Laser
Rockets for all my Friends
Internet Ocean Cable Repair Service
Apple Shuffle Headphone Info
Mystery Chip just sends Control Signals
Windows 7 RC in May
iPhone 3.0 Rumors
Comcast Passwords
Seesmic Introducing Twitter/Facebook/iPhone apps
Hacked Machines to Climb April 1st
RIAA still Suing
EFF opens up all Documents obtained from Gov’t
Brain Memory Switch
Shuttle to ISS