Twitter New Home for Marketing Scam Artist

No-scamsOver the past couple of days I have been cleaning out Twitter followers that seem to only want to sell me something. I have never in my life seen a larger concentration of MLM, Direct Marketers, Scam Artist and people who are so called marketing coaches.

I’m surprised I have not been invited yet to a meeting to show me a home business. I understand these folks desire to reach new circles of influence but their motives are pretty obvious when you look at their profiles.

Do a search on Twitter for MLM, Home Based Business etc and you will find a absolute gold mine of crap to waste your hard earned dollars in.

Typical profile of these types is that the follow you for a few days then quietly un follow going after another group of people to try and suck them in. I guess it was to be expected and we will all have to watch who is following us much closer.

The bad part is in this mix are some legitimate marketing people the bad thing is the second I see marketing in their profile I immediately put their listing in the scammer category and do not follow.

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