Dumb and Dumber

Dumb: ATM owners who use the default password for administering their ATM’s, allowing hackers to get into the machines easily by locating the default password online from vendor sites.

Dumber: ATM owners who don’t change the default password after the machine is hacked and used to give out more money than it was supposed to.

A pair of crooks got caught using the default password on an ATM for the fourth time. They weren’t caught the first three times, but by the fourth time, the police had information from surveillance cameras and had alerted the store manager (where the ATM was located) to the identity of the thieves. So when they tried it for the fourth time, they got caught.

I’m wondering why the ATM owner didn’t just change the default password on the administrative functions of the ATM so it couldn’t be hacked a second time. That would have been the smarter thing to do, wouldn’t you think?

Who’s dumber, the criminal or the ATM owner? I’m thinking it’s the latter.