GNC-2009-03-10 #458 Great Show from Japan

Last Show from Japan and then I will be back in Hawaii for a few weeks. Look forward to getting back to the regular studio and cranking out the shows from home. I am announcing a new segment in tonights podcast pretty excited about adding it to the line-up.

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Show Notes:
Safari Speed Good – Features Flop
Free Hosted Blog Publishing
Let’s Vote for Woz
VMWare vs Parallels
Philips Master LED
Music Add-Ons for Firefox
Security Metrics that Lie
Kepler Mission Launched
STS-119 Shuttle to Launch
Chevrolet Volt
Hulu/Boxee Battle Royale
Streaming is now at Fault
Verizon TOS Scary
Bloggers are Journalist?
Forgot how to make Nukes?
Encrypted hard-Drives
Fingerprint Paper
Anti-Virus Vendor Says 1% PC hacked
Google Docs Leaked
A New Way to Search?
Seagate 6gb/s
Cydia Opens Rouge App Store
Clear to launch in many Cities
Google – Blogger DMCA Policies
12 Megapixels is that it?
Norway Gets P2P
Running Wndows 7 beta on Macbook Info