What to Do in This Tough Economy? Sell Used Video Games

A few weeks ago, Toys R Us started a 3 month test to take your used games in trade. They saw that Game Stop had taken in 8.8 Billion in sales with projections of 10 billion by the end of 2009. Toys R Us wanted some of that action.

So do Best Buy and Amazon.com.

It’s interesting to see companies pile on the bandwagon like football teams jump on a Fumble. After all, you should take every angle you can. Otherwise, you will be the next Circuit City.

One question I pose is: Will this promote game theft? Unlike a TV or game system where you have a serial number or identifying marks, the games themselves won’t have many identifiers. The only thing that could stop a would-be theif is if they work a trend. After all – how many people buy 6 copies of “Grand Theft Auto”, then sell them to 5 different retailers?

I also wonder how game sales will go for 2009, with our current economy. You have that $400 PS3, but can’t afford the games. Can’t sell the ones you have, or else you’ll have nothing to play.

We’ll have to sit back and watch how this works – if this works. Toys R Us has an out in 2 months. It may not be worth the hassle to take back games.

One thought on “What to Do in This Tough Economy? Sell Used Video Games

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