Bank of America cannot be Trusted

Bank of America cannot be TrustedBeing I am doing more foreign travel I have been very persistent in letting Bank of America my primary Visa card company know that I will be traveling overseas.

But for two trips in a row when I show up at the Car Rental place or try and check into a hotel my card has been denied. I have plenty of credit and no mater what I do I cannot get the charges approved. I even went through the embarrassing situation of calling them collect and waiting well over a half hour for them to deal with the approval.

Here is the short version for some reason using a Bank Of America Visa card in Japan is impossible. While I have an American Express card and other payment options I track all of my business expenses on this particular card and to no avail it is worthless in Japan.

I can not even imagine being the customer that only has one credit card and being stuck not being able to make a payment. My advice to all travelers do not count on or even trust Bank of America Visa with anything.

Having been a customer since 1987 I will be canceling all my banking accounts with them when I get home. This included Personal Checking, Savings, Business Checking and all associated credit cards. If they cannot take care of their customers I will bank someplace that can..

BTW my American Express card has never failed me ever!