If You Can’t Get Them to Come to You…

Then you should come to them!

That’s Sears’ stand, anyway. After a terribly failed attempt last year to get people to join their online community, which was just a glorified way to spread their advertising, they have found a new tactic.

Users of Facebook can now “become a fan” of Sears, and get a $5 gift card for their trouble. Considering you can’t buy a single thing at Sears for $5, this is a thinly disguised attempt to get people into the store, or onto their online site, to spend money. If they can’t get you to come to them, then it’s easy to just come on over to a place that already exists and get potential customers’ attention there.

I’m a Facebook user, but I won’t be becoming a fan of Sears any time soon. These kinds of questionable sales tactics always turn me off. Even less reason now for me to shop at Sears, although I wasn’t a huge fan before.