Update Written by Contributing Editor

Why do so many podcasts just end after a while or experience “podfade”? Obviously it takes time to do podcasting so since time is scarce in our culture you can only do so much in the 168 hours you have each week. I imagine the reason people start a podcast is they want to make money, they have always wanted to be in “talk radio”, or they are truly passionate about the subject they are discussing. Making money at podcasting is not easy or immediate so that ends the dreams of most. It can be done but you better hold that day job …… for a while. Secondly people just don’t realize how much time it takes to do a regular podcast. They think you can just fire up the microphone, start jabbering, and hit upload. They don’t think about show prep and getting their facts straight so they don’t come off like a moron. They also find it hard to have a quiet time to do a show when the family is not going to be heard in the background. They try to keep it up but fall behind on doing their show, eventually giving up.

I speak from experience as I did one for a while but podfade hit & it was over. I did it on a subject I really love, sports, but was still unable to keep it going. Part of that is from my not being organized enough at the time but I am turning that around currently. I am trying to work out a “zero based time budget”(Dan Miller idea) to keep me focused on important stuff. That led to always feeling the pressure to do a show because I wanted it to be on schedule. Like Todd says, if you are not uploading a show on time on a regular schedule your listeners will leave. I have started podcasting again but on a different subject in hopes of creating an extra income connected to my small business which I am passionate about and enjoy. Another thing I am doing is creating the show early to have in the can to upload on the scheduled day. I am not waiting to do the recording on the night I need to upload since things can come up with the family that needs my attention. I like this way better plus it is a show that does not have up to the second industry news so recording a day early is fine. I think this show will have a long life but I know I have to make it a priority or podfade will attack me again!