Knock, Knock. Hi. I’m AT&T. Wanna Switch to Us?

So yesterday I was working on a new PC for my ustreaming when the dog starts barking profusely. I went downstairs to find out what’s going on and noticed there was someone at the door. After getting Alex settled, I answered it.

The guy says “Hi. I’m with AT&T. We just put Fiber in your area and wanted to let you know.”

I decided to forgo the usual “Funny I don’t feel more regular” quips and let him explain what that meant to me. He continued on by saying that they could now offer cable TV and wireless to this house with speeds up to 10 Meg down and 1.5 meg up.

“That’s great” I said. “Do you have any documentation?”

“Uhhhh….” he responded. “No. But if you switch now we can give you a great discount.”

I was a little perplexed. So I decided to grill him a little. “You say 10 down, 1.5 up, is AT&T also going to be implementing a cap?”

“Uhh…. I don’t know. I am only a contractor…”

I continued. “Well what type of channels does the cable offer?”


There were a couple other questions, but you get the idea. I told him straight up that he had no documentation for me and he couldn’t answer any real questions. If he wants to come back with that information and documentation, then I’ll entertain the idea.

First of all, let me state at this point in life I like Charter. They have some decent policies like they won’t give my information to just anybody asking for it. If there is a problem, I will be informed so I can take action. Of course they’re a big company and that could change tomorrow, but for now I realize I could be burdened with the bureaucratic B.S. some other companies are pulling.

Now while I understand AT&T is just trying to get into the niche, to send someone over that doesn’t have the ability to answer my questions is just asinine. How do I know it’s not a guy just trying to scam some information from me? As I’m writing this, I should have called local authorities.

If you are going to knock on my door and upset my dog, you better be able to explain yourself. This guy didn’t. Therefore, he got no more information from me than a email would saying I won $300 million from the Nigerian Lottery.

Now that I think about it, I will be notifying the local authorities on this. I saw “Home Alone.” If they are an intruder, all Alex will end up doing is try to lick their face and hope they take him for a walk.

One thought on “Knock, Knock. Hi. I’m AT&T. Wanna Switch to Us?

  1. If he was an AT&T employee he should have been wearing a Company Photo ID. Employees are asked to canvas their neighborhoods and let people know about new services, often with little more than a door hanger. If you would have shown interest he would have dialed up a sales person with all the details, and he should have when you started asking questions.

    I support U-verse for AT&T, I think it is a fantastic product. I don’t know what “You say 10 down, 1.5 up, is AT&T also going to be implementing a cap?” means, but the speed is set at 10Mb / second down. If you mean a total download limit, I have no knowledge of AT&T going that direction, and I wouldn’t expect them to any time soon. I’d recommend checking the pricing at least to see where you stand.

    I’m sure that guy was a regular AT&T employee or contractor just trying to earn some extra money on his day off.

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