GNC-2008-09-23 #410 Standard Show Micro Vent at Start

Plenty of tech for everyone today. Normal show length.. I talk a bit about Bodies the Exhibition during the show and all I can really say is simply amazing. Plus I found a cool pic to share with your kids.

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Listener Links:
Studio 360 on Hadron Collider
Digital Camera Reviews
Verizon Integrated Payment with Phones

Show Notes:
Apple Installs Software when you say No!
StackOverflow Programmer Site
Garbage Kept In Basement to stay Green?
Android not just for Phones
End of World Delayed
Buying Used Laptops
Today is Equinox
RIAA gets real Greedy
Apple Users Beware of Quicktime Bug
8 Hacks to Speed up Firefox
China Contaminated Food
Best Buy Antics
Blu-ray DOA?
State of Blogsphere
Mars South Pool Icecap Shift Explained
Comcast Usenet canceled
T-Mobile to Launch Android Phone
Verizon No contract Required
iRex Roll Out a Wash
Someones Going to Jail
Cannon 5D Mark II
Amazon Android Music Application?
Encrypt your Email
MySpace Music Screenshots
Is CableCard Dead?
5 Easy Speed Hacks (User Beware)
Mars Rover Opportunity on the Move!
Undisclosed Product Placement Thoughts

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