There is No Bandwidth Crisis

There is no bandwidth crisis. At our highest usage, we are using less than 50% of the available bandwidth worldwide. WORLDWIDE.

So why is it we need usage caps in the first place? Presumably, according to the telcos and cable companies, we are quickly using up available bandwidth and when it’s gone it’s gone. That’s what they are telling us.

But even at the current growth rate, we won’t use up the world’s available bandwidth for many years. And simple infrastructure upgrades will continue to make more bandwidth available over time, always keeping us well ahead of the game.

I wish there was a way to call the telcos and cable companies on their blatent lying about bandwidth capability, and the fact that they are using that argument to apply caps to people’s usage. Boycotts are all well and good but sometimes you don’t have any choice in provider and have to take what is handed to you. How do we communicate to the telcos and cable companies, call their bluff, and make them change their tune and being to serve the customer?

And, I’m still looking for a bandwidth meter…if anyone knows of a good one, I need to see what kind of traffic we’re using here in my house.