Comcast Video Download Service Introduced

GncfancastLet’s see your a Comcast executive and you are looking at ways to guarantee success of a new video download service. So the executive comes up with a plan.

1st Lets cap bandwidth on all of our customers to 250gb per month

2nd Lets scare people into canceling their Vudu, Apple TV, Download Netflix Account, or any other service which people use to download media by imposing the cap!

3rd Lets introduce a Video download service.

4th Lets tell customers using our Video download service it does not count against their cap!

Well the 4th item has not been announced yet, but I could see the greedy executives at Comcast contemplating this. After all its within their internal network and cost them nothing to back haul it to the customers.

In my opinion Comcast has a lot of nerve introducing this after so publicly telling people they are using to much bandwidth and implementing ridiculous bandwidth limitations.