Solar Icemaker Created

I just saw some information on a solar icemaker created by some students in San Jose. This is a great invention. The picture I saw was a big device but who cares. Regular commercial icemakers are big as well. It is not shocking that college kids would create something like this since many of them use ice for sports injuries, iced tea, & picnics. Oh yeah some even put their beer on ice. That is a shocking revelation I know. So now that they have broken the ice, this machine will take off. College students will make a better one because of the uses I stated earlier. Ice is expensive too. $2.50 for a small bag is kind of steep when you consider it is just frozen water. I spend about $10 a week on ice for my water cooler which equals about $350 per year for my busy work season.

Other people with the ability to tinker can make one as well. Mechanics and do it yourselfers will have no problem trying this stuff out and improving upon the original invention. Everyone I know uses ice. And most of the people I know who are tinkerers or mechanics enjoy quite a bit of adult beverages so the incentive to create cheap ice is naturally there. I think it is just a “shop thing”. Guys just like to hang out in their shops and make things or fix stuff. It is where men can be teenagers again & a solar icemaker just adds to the experience, not to mention the money it will save over a lifetime.