New Friendfeed in beta

The Social Network Friendfeed is changing their look. They launched it at

The big change is it moves the navigation links from the top to the right side. It’s now got a similar look to Google Groups because of it. The new version added an option in Friend Settings where you can put your friends into a more organized group. I think we called them Cliques in High School….

You can now also share photos easier. No need to put it in Flickr – just select the form box, then in the dropdown chose “Photos”. You’ll be able to upload a picture from your computer.

The overall look is a bit more organized. For instance, the recommended page just has the subscribe button on each profile instead of every network they belong to. After all, I don’t need to know that, just whether I want to follow them on Friendfeed.

I really like the new look. It’s easy and familiar. It’s got some great new organization to it and it doesn’t have those different sized bubble tabs on the top. I might just start using Friendfeed a little more…