Richard Cheese the Ultimate Classless Act

Update 2: Out of Respect for Brian Ibbott at I have opted to remove the video for Brian’s sake. I will be talking more about Richard Cheese and his demand letter later.  A simple apology by Richard Cheese which has been asked for, and not yet given would have gone a long way.

Well over 20 people video taped the performance of Richard Cheese I was not the only one. Every performer prior to Richard had been taped by a huge number of attendees. We were never told that cameras were not allowed. As it turns out, post event Richard Cheese has a clause in his contract that prohibited filming. No one attending the event knew this at the time.

In my video I only played two short clips to show the attack on me personally and that of Richard Spitting on another fan which clearly falls under fair use regardless. While Richard did forcefully remove the camera from my hands and throw it back at me which hit me in the chest then fell to the ground I must say I was surprised by the assault. He could have simply stopped the music and said that no cameras were allowed we all thought it was part of his act up until he took my camera away and then spit on another person with a camera.

Update 1: It appears that Richard Cheese had some ridiculous clause in his performance contract that no video would be allowed during the event. The participants of the event were not informed of this. It appears now that Organizer Brian of Coverville is possibly being threatened by Richard Cheese because of my Video. Sadly I submitted this video to all of the major video websites before I was informed of this. I will make a decision on removal after consultation with my lawyer!

During the Coverville 500 a concert held during the new media expo I got to witness the biggest jerk I have ever seen during a live event.

I want to preface these comments with the following statement. The organizer of the Coverville 500, Brian Ibbott did an amazing job and brought in some amazing talent at a terrific venue. Sadly, little did Brian know how badly one of his performers was going to behave. Overall the Coverville 500 of which my company was one of the sponsors was a great event.

But lets talk a little about Richard Cheese here is the setup. You have 500–1000 new media creators at a concert organized just for them. All of these media creators carry video cameras or audio recording devices. This is an event where cameras and recording devices are allowed. The artist performing all knew this in advance.

New Media is all about cross promotion and many of us had cameras there ready to capture performances that are shared with our audiences and cross posted on multiple sites worth countless dollars.

When Richard Cheese stared his performance he started complaining about the Audio levels, and from what I heard later he had demanded from the organizer that all other prior performers audio levels be at a lower level then his. This complaining continued for the first few minutes of the show. Then during the show he kept turning his back on the audience and was texting someone on his mobile device. It turned out he was texting Brian the organizer and bitching about the Audio levels (note Richard’s Manager said he used his phone as a timer and says he was not texting). The Audio Levels were fine from my vantage points. 

But this is just the beginning of his antics. He started out by telling everyone to put their cameras down and was complaining about us filming him. There were probably 20 people with cameras. I was shooting video of him with a small hand held camera. He then pushed someone out of the way and came partially off stage, grabbed my camera pulled it from my hands shut it off and then threw it at me which I subsequently dropped as I was so surprised.

Then he went down the line, and spit on some people to get them to put their cameras away. Did he not understand that this crowd was 100% new media. Did he not realize that he pissed off the very people that would have given him some props?

(Video Removed out of Respect for Brian Ibbott of coverville. While the assault of me and one other fan is well documented unknown to us Brian had agreed to a clause that prohibited filming during the Cheese performance)

One of the people he spit on was a very big fan of his, that has given him many props and accolades over the past year. How do you think he feels now?