2008 New Media Expo Overview

The 4th Annual New Media Expo formally the Podcast Expo is now behind us. The move to Las Vegas was one that had many of us wondering how it would change the face of the show.

The show first three expos where held in Ontario California. The positive thing about the venue being in Ontario offered no distractions which was great for companies participating that were trying to reach new media creators aka podcasters. But Ontario was not a good venue for Business to Business development.

With the show move to Vegas this year my team had hoped that we would have the best of both worlds in that we would get to talk to a lot of business people and podcasters.

My perspective on the show this year is that we met with a number of podcasters that have been at the show year after year but we had only a handful of new blood stop by the booth. While at the same time we had a significant number of business people, consultants and governmental agencies stop and chat with us.

The ROI we get out of the show will take some time to determine but I should have a pretty good idea how we faired in the next 90 days or so.

I am not sure what TNC Media has planned for the show in 2009 but I firmly believe there are a couple of small tweaks that can be made to improve not only the traffic on the floor for the vendors like us, but also to encourage more media creators to come to the show.

Here are my suggestions:

First, I talked to at least 20 people during and after the show that apologized for not getting into the exhibit hall to see us. They said that the conference schedule did not allow them enough time to get through and talk to all the vendors. This was due to the the paid sessions running concurrently with the exhibit hours. One participant told me he never saw a show have a time conflict like that.

Second, Vegas is great but it is not a location where media buyers are going to attend I feel the event would be a great place to get media buyers up to speed on what is happening in the new media space. Having the show in New York or San Francisco would make much more sense or even, an event on each coast. Bringing Media Creators, New Media Companies and Media Agency buyers together would sell the show floor and conferences sessions out. Especially if their were events that brought those groups together during the show hours.

One thing is certain! Growth in New Media has been amazing in 2008 every year we have seen near record growth and shows no sign of slowing down. My company is having a banner year, and we continue to bring new tools and services to the marketplace.

More discussion on my Podcast tonight!

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