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Before I go on a tangent about the Wii, let me say that I like the system. More importantly my kids really like it. I don’t care for the overall selection of games but do enjoy the sports games we have. The problem I have is a simple one. Nintendo has an online store where you can download old school games to your Wii. You have to buy the games which I have no problem with. I really wanted to buy Techmo Bowl which was my favorite game when I was younger. It was a simple football game that took a lot less thinking than today’s Madden Football games. Perfect for me! Anyway when I investigated further I found out I need a special wire to connect to my router or wireless adapter (no longer available I think). Not only could I not use the perfectly good ethernet cable I had on hand, I could not even run out to Walmart to grab the special Nintendo one. Apparently it is only available at or Walmart’s online store. Don’t get me wrong, I like ordering online, but this was a weekend thing so I wanted it right then. I knew by the time I got it it would be a week day and I would be working so I would have to wait to use it until next weekend. So the passion for the game faded a bit and after a few days it was not on the top of my to do list. I know Nintendo is full of smart people and likely make a killing off selling this “special” ethernet cable but they are also putting up a roadblock between another product and the customer. They should either put the special cord in the box when you buy the Wii or better yet make it compatible with regular ethernet cables.

I know other game systems likely do the same thing so I don’t want to pick on Nintendo alone. Also I realize most products come with the bare minimum so the price is low enough to get you started in hopes that you will buy more later. My Sony HD camcorder records HD really well & the video looks great on the big screen. But guess what it would look better with…. a freaking mini HDMI cable! It came without one and you have to get it at I assume since the place I bought the camcorder does not carry one. This is frustrating but unlike the Wii it does not stop me from buying another sony product because of a roadblock to the internet. However it does make my viewing experience less than it can be.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii Internet Access

  1. Why don’t you just connect your wii to your wireless router via the built in wireless? This is my setup. Watch out though I had to reset my security and reapply before I could get it to connect. Worth the effort as the wii makes a good family room internet browser.
    Good luck.

  2. The Wii has built in wireless. You don’t need to buy anything extra. Of course they don’t really advertise that fact…..

  3. Maxsportz,

    Do you not have a wireless router? I have the wireless set up for our Wii, and it’s great. There’s no reason to run a cable between the two if you can avoid it.

  4. Well dude.. its wi-fi enabled. I don’t understand why you don’t have a router with wi-fi for it?

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