The Dark Knight shows us Movie Theatres Aren’t Dead.

Well, I finally went to see the Dark Knight at the local IMAX today and I can tell you I now know why it’s been sold out for the last 2 weeks. Out of all the “Summer Blockbusters”, I have to say this one is the real deal.

Here’s the real impressive details: It’s expected to hit $400 million in sales by the end of this weekend. Since the show I went to was technically sold out (3:40 PM on Saturday – there were 4 tickets left according to the Box Office), I believe they will hit that record. Some are wondering if this will be the best grossing movie of all time.

One thing is for certain: with Home theaters and Bittorrent being a supposed killer of the movie theater industry, this proves that people still want to go to a major theater to see a good show. They’ll pay the $25 per person price for ticket, popcorn and soda. Difference is, they’ll be more selective.

Of course this is not the 60’s: we don’t go to movies to get out of the house, watch a new film, get out of the heat or whatever. The reasons for going to see a movie are completely different. We got AC, large screens and surround sound at home so why should we pack up the crew and pay $70 to see a movie? Simple: We want a true experience.

With new innovations in home theater technology jumping up, we will most likely go back to the “theaters are losing out” theory again soon. For now we have a movie that surpassed Spiderman 3 in opening weekend box office (Spiderman 3 made 151 Million where TDK made 154 Million) and it is climbing the all time box office charts.

Right now it’s at the number 7 spot with the original Spider-Man movie. By next week it should be in the top 5 – and we’re talking movies that have a few years worth of sales under their belts. Titanic, for example, is the all time leader: it has grossed to date 600 Million ($28 Million in it’s opening weekend).

I expect the DVD sales to be just as powerful and The Dark Knight to surpass Titanic.

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  1. Yeah I went to go see it as well. They had to have a line for it, we stood in it and were the first few people in, this was at a 6:05 showing sure enough by 6:05 it was packed….

    Great movie though…

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