Dell’s Growing Strong – Hints of an Axim Phone?

Michael Dell talked with GigaOM the other day about what’s happening with the company. In the interview, he talks about how Dell is growing, Cloud Computing, the Laptop Market and if they are getting into the Smart phone market.

Michael says they are seeing a strong turn since he took back the CEO spot a year and a half ago. Sales are up 9% and profit is up 4% and continuing (stock is up 23%). Dell made 7 acquisitions in 2007 which will add to the increase. Michael pointed out that the Laptop market demands thinner and faster while all markets are pushing security and services.

Dell also talks about “Cloud Computing”, which right now Dell is contributing with, but there is some indication that Dell will be working on hardware that will get them more involved in this concept.

This is what he told OM Malik the other day:

We have identified five big opportunities. When I say big, I’m talking about $5 billion to $10 billion each in terms of scale opportunities. They are the consumer business, mobile computers, emerging countries, enterprise, and small/medium business. We have reorganized the company around these key priorities.

Engadget reported that Michael Dell started hinting on a Dell Smart Phone. This is a rumor that has surfaced since Smart Phones started gaining steam. I looked through this article, and the one on Business Week, but only found that Dell is “certainly looking at the whole smartphone category, but I wouldn’t expect anything anytime soon”. He did mention that he could not disclose any plans on if they would work with Google Android or Symbian OS.