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Spam King Follow-Up

Posted by susabelle at 11:11 AM on July 25, 2008

To follow up from Todd’s mention on the Podcast today, officials have found the Spam King: Edward Davidson, his wife and daughter in a murder-suicide. Apparently the Spam King and family were found 25 miles out of Denver in an SUV. All three were shot with indication that Edward pulled the trigger.

Here is where the story gets weird. There was a 7-8 month old boy that was also in the SUV and was unharmed. Also, Edward shot a Teenage girl who then ran for help. She was treated at the local hospital.

Davidson was serving 21 months in minimum security prison for sending email using hijacked computer networks.

It is a sad, tragic ending to this story. Nobody should take lives like that, whether it’s their own or somebody else’s. I am just speechless.