Sony Opening eBook Reader

Sony is pushing a software upgrade to its Sony Reader that will allow it to download books from other sources besides Sony.

Now we’re talking.

One of the reasons I’ve not even looked hard at eBook readers is because of the proprietary nature of their content and delivery. If I buy Amazon’s Kindle, then I can only download from Amazon. But with Sony’s newest change, I can now potentially download eBooks from libraries, booksellers, publishers, and even Amazon. The open Sony Reader will allow access to a host of free downloads, as well.

Opening up the Sony Reader could potentially energize the market, where sales of eBooks has been lackluster at best. If you don’t have to limit yourself by the player’s proprietary downloads, then there is a much better reason to buy and use an eBook reader. I may just be looking at one myself.

I wonder when Amazon will join Sony in the open eBook market?