What’s Going On Over at Dell?

I sure wish I knew what was going on at Dell. I’ve been working at the same J.O.B. for about eight years, and we are a Dell campus. Everything we buy is Dell, except for the small amount of Gateways I convinced a few divisions to buy several years back (most notably the Gateway Convertible M275 Notebook). So I deal with Dell sales reps quite a bit. We normally have a sales rep assigned to us that we call on for quotes and questions.

In eight years, we’ve had no less than 15 Dell reps. Some last a month or two, a few have lasted a year. But it seems like every time I turn around, our current Dell rep has left for “other opportunities” and we have a new rep.

It hasn’t caused any real difficulties, except for maybe the fact that my Outlook contacts list is full of Dell reps and I don’t know which one is the current one. The new reps seem to get acclimated well to our system of purchasing and quoting and it is a seamless transition.

What concerns me is this relatively high turnover. I’ve worked in places that had high turnover, and there was usually a management or corporate reason for it, and it was never a positive thing. I have to wonder what is going on over there at Dell, when a sales rep only lasts a few months and then leaves Dell altogether. Makes me wonder if we shouldn’t have a backup contract in the works with another hardware provider.