Looking for Service to use with my TriCaster Broadcast

2008-triIn the next several days I take delivery of a TriCaster Broadcast. I have a lot of of plans for the unit, but over the next couple of weeks I need to pick a permanent video streaming service.

The plans I have for the 2008 People’s Choice Podcast Awards makes Mogulus the best choice so far, as I will be having 22 shows join us live for the awards ceremony plus all of the in house production. Mogulus allows you to use a flash encoder to feed their video feed which is a perfect solution.

I am sure that I am going to have to pick up some more hardware to support all of this, and probably some more power plugs and definitely another cable modem as bandwidth is already pretty tapped out here and I have 3 HD Cameras to start with.

Being Hawaii is in the center of the Universe, I am sure I am going to have to order cables off island as well, so it will probably be a week or more before I am ready to do some live events.

If you are in Hawaii and would like to rent a TriCaster and the gear that goes along with it. I will have a traveling kit ready in a few weeks.

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