T-Mobile @ Home

Todd is going to love this, but T-Mobile’s Hotspot @ Home service has morphed into something that actually works, and might just replace that landline we’re all so hot to get rid of. Labeled T-Mobile @ Home, it allows you to have unlimited nationwide calling for just another $10 more on your existing T-Mobile bill.

It works with a Linksys-based VOIP router that then lets you plug in any corded phone (or cordless base station). The router costs about $50, and they even sell V-Tech cordless handsets at a pair for $60. I already have the V-Tech cordless handsets all over my house.

But I don’t have T-Mobile service, which is pretty sucky in this area (not many bars). Now if AT&T would offer something like this, I’d be on board.

Who am I kidding, AT&T giving up their landline money-makers? Never gonna happen. But a girl can dream!

Look for the T-Mobile@Home service to launch July 2.